Bathroom "After"

The bathroom is finished! Brentan worked very hard last week, and I did very little since I was at work most of the week. It looks great!



Brentan installed new tile on the floor and countertop, (Do you like the blue decorative border?), replaced the faucet, and painted the walls. I painted the cabinets and all the trim, and designed the color scheme. 🙂 It still needs a bit more detailing, like new handles on the drawers and some towel racks and just a little more warmth and coziness. But you can see the big changes to the room, and how it is just more inviting.

Any ideas for pictures/decor above the toilet? I’m open to something fun, since the rest of the bathroom is pretty conservative!

Also, look what our house has:
No blue tarp on top of it! Yes, that’s right, our house got a new roof last week too! By far the most expensive of our renovations, yet the most inconspicuous.
I need to plant some flowers in the front yard to cheer things up a little in that barren yard, but so far there’s just been time to focus on the interior.

Next project to tackle:
Put drywall on the water-damaged room, and paint the bedrooms (as well as finish up the living room arrangement).


4 thoughts on “Bathroom "After"

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  2. Yay! Thanks for the comments. I would love to see you out here! Its fun, and so much more laid back than Boston. But I'm still getting used to everything. Good luck with your senior year, and as a captain of the Whiptails!

  3. crack i have to say that i am SO IMPRESSED by the work you and brentan have done on your adorable new home! (p.s. congratulations!)i hope you're enjoying life out west! perhaps i'll join you and langdon out there next year, i'm looking at employment opportunities in the bay area and there happen to be a couple that sound interesting!

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