Guests! and hating Home Depot and Lowes carpet

As of yesterday our house looked like this:

But now it is all clean because we have our first guests visiting tomorrow! My grandparents are coming from Connecticut to visit us and go to a Bar Mitzvah in Palo Alto. So they get a nice, freshly painted room, with new (to us) furniture, thanks to my friend Kate! Here is the “Before” of the guest bedroom:With our mess in it:

And the “After”:

Like always, it needs a little more personalization, so this isn’t the complete after. In fact, Brentan and I went shopping yesterday for new carpet for the bedrooms and hallway. So it will look even nicer in a few weeks when we have it installed! I really hate Home Depot and Lowes right now for their service on carpet. Brentan and I first went to a few carpet stores where the people knew everything about the carpet, installation, and anything we want to know. At Lowes, they tell us it is about $40 just to get a non-refundable measurement and quote, and we walk out. The carpet stores don’t charge anything. At Home Depot, the woman there tells us it is a $50 measurement. Plus, she doesn’t even work in the carpet section and doesn’t know a thing about the carpets. Not a thing. So half of me wants to go with a carpet specialist and get great service, and the other half says we are on a tight budget and the only thing we can afford is Home Depot carpet and installation despite the crappy service. A guy from the carpet store is coming on Tuesday to measure (for free!), so we’ll see if we can talk him down a bit, and maybe save $500 from his quote. Always the dilemna… expensive specialists, or cheap big box stores.


10 thoughts on “Guests! and hating Home Depot and Lowes carpet

  1. What’s the Cost of Carpet Installment?

    Carpeting installment costs can fluctuate really a lot throughout the business, as a result of large selection of providers, materials as well as quality standards.

    To decide the price, you need to factor in labor, components,
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  2. The thought that the large improvement stores are less expensive is usually a misconception. I bet your local independent flooring store can beat the total price of material and installation. The cheap rates of $39 or $139 from Home Depot have a ton of fine print. Extra if you want them to haul off the old flooring, extra if stairs, etc, plus the material costs are higher at Home Depot/Lowes etc to cover the "deal" on installation. About the only thing that keeps them competitve is if you have a 10% coupon. I hope it works out, best of luck and hope you get a great floor!

  3. Try a different home depot. Jason and I got it at the Gilroy one. Its like 30 mins from where we lived but well worth it because of the issues with the some of the staff we went there..found a really awesome guy, we used the same guy for the hardwood and when we didn't like the nose pieces that were provided with them he spent like an hour just trying to find us a something that would fit, match and to the quality that we wanted it and he really helped us pick out something we really liked and it wasn't the cheap stuff you get in 72 hrs… Price matching is hard because you HAVE to get something from one of the other stores for them to match..but it'll cost you at least 40 to do go to another home depot or try to go when someone who knows their stuff is there..find a home depot in a nice area..they tend to be a bit better. Its all different at every store so just find a better one, even if it a bit of a distance its worth it for the big stuff that you need. Lowes sucks. I'm glad there aren't too many around us. We went there for some stuff mostly because we had the 10 percent and we bought new indoor doors but they just don't care at all. Good luck!

  4. Keep the before and after photos coming! I had Home Depot put carpet in your old bedroom (to save a penny) and within a year, it wrinkled and buckled. Home Depot would not do a thing to fix the problem so I am left paying again to have a carpet layer re-lay the carpet. In the long run, you might be happier to pay a bit more up front.

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