Welcome… we are Just About Home

Hi, I’m Liz and my mom, Peggy and I are here to start blogging about our homes. I live in California with my husband and dog, Daphne, and we bought a little 1950’s fixer-upper about a year ago. My mom, on the other hand, bought a 1880’s fixer-upper about 25 years ago in Minnesota with my dad, and this was the house I grew up in. Now that my brothers and I have moved out and the fixing up is mostly done in MN, we’re here to share with the blogging world our small efforts to make our houses just a bit more like homes.

To start off, here’s an abbreviated home tour of my mid-century house:

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Above is the bathrorom, with newly installed tile, the bedroom with DIY headboard, the dining area/eat in kitchen with my grandfather’s drawings on the wall, the freshly painted kitchen, and patio with pergola to enjoy the beautiful CA weather!

When we first moved in, the house needed a new roof, a new, updated kitchen (buh-bye brown tiled countertop and wallpaper!), and new drywall (due to water damage from the hole in the roof) in one of the bedrooms.  My husband, Brentan, and I spent most of the first two months fixing it up.

We recently redecorated our living room, which was much needed, and brightened things up to make it much cozier. More to come on that in a while…

Hopefully in the meanwhile, my mom will show off her home.

Also, I’ve added a few posts from where I used to blog ( that are about home, and give you a lot more background on my current place. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Welcome… we are Just About Home

  1. Hey Liz,

    I love your blog!!! Hope you are enjoying CA. I wanted to write to find out how you made the fabric covered headboard or where you found out how to do it. I’m thinking about making them for our guest room and for my daughter’s bed, but am not sure where to start.

    Thanks & best,

    • Hi Laura– it’s good to hear from you!
      The headboard for the bed was easy (and so much less expensive than buying a whole bed). I got the idea from watching a HGTV design show (I don’t remember which), and watched a few YouTube video how-tos. I think this was the exact video:

      But I stained and screwed on a few pieces of molding to form a frame around the outside, and didn’t attach buttons.

      This video is a bit more complex, but good too:

      Good luck! I’d love to see pictures if you end up making anything!

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