New Succulent and Native Garden

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Hi there!

This past week I’ve been working on the outside part of my home– my garden and patio, which I don’t spend nearly enough time in. Today was such a beautiful day, and I decided to host a dinner party tonight, to enjoy the work I put into my outdoor space on a beautiful fall evening. Β So I’m posting this in the next few minutes before my guests arrive!

Since I seemed to kill all of the plants I put in before, this time around I planted lots of succulents and a few native plants (along with some cool New Zealand grasses), and cut back a bunch of the mums that are doing very well in the front of my house for an informal floral centerpiece.

Let me tell you how much I love my local garden center! I love them! That’s where I bought the majority of these plants, as well as most of my vegetables (which you will see in a later post…), and the staff there are so friendly and helpful. I asked for some plants that would do well without a lot of water, because that’s where I seem to go wrong most of the time, and I was given a huge selection of native and easy-to-grow plants that I could choose from. Β I love the modernness and architectural structure of these succulents, and planted a few other suggested plants in the front of my house.

What other pretty plants grow easily in Northern California?



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