Look what I found!

$10 Kitchen Chairs


The finished Chair!


Yes, I found my kitchen chairs at an estate sale for the grand price of $10. I was drawn to them because they reminded my of my grandmother’s chairs. I have fond memories of family meals and the aunties all sitting, chatting and playing scrabble around my grandmother’s table.  Once I sat in the chairs, I knew I was a goner. They were solid and comfortable. They were also shabby and worn. What else could I do?  I bought them and hid them in the barn. I needed to think. I knew the amount of work was going to be considerable. I saw all those spindles. There were 4 of them. I didn’t need new chairs. I had to act swiftly. I had to jump in before I chickened out. The barn does not need more junk.  Soooo, I began sanding. I sanded, and sanded and sanded some more. I used a high quality primer and a beautiful corn flower blue enamel paint. The results are great. I have forgotten

how much work they took. I love them!  – Peg


The chair before



sanding, sanding, sanding



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