Curb Appeal Before and After

This was the front of my house last year before any work*. It’s not too bad, but doesn’t exactly say, ‘Welcome. Please make yourself at home!’

But this is the entry from the outside after a little TLC. Notice:

  • Green lawn. Yay for plants that are alive!
  • White security door (and a new front door which you can’t tell from this picture). I am always amazed at what a can (or 5) of white spray paint can do.
  • New house numbers on the garage.
  • Painted blue porch swing re-done from the Alameda Flea Market. Color matched to Martha Stewart’s Wrought Iron in Behr outdoor latex paint.
  • Lamps on the garage.
  • Painted garage door with inserted plexiglass windows.
  • New plants to the right of the front door. They’re newly planted in this photo, and will hopefully grow in a bit fuller. I also planted a succulent and some grasses in front of that ugly blue piping by the swing, but it probably needs to be painted white too.
  • Festive pumpkins!

This is a closeup of the garage door redo, DIY by the Mr. This has probably been the most dramatic of the exterior redo. Compare it to the previous door…. yeah….. much better now!

I ❀ my new exterior.



*Not completely true… the roof is fixed and does not have an ugly blue tarp, and the jungle that existed in front of the house is mostly cut back…


6 thoughts on “Curb Appeal Before and After

    • Well, it’s the same garage door… painted and trim added. Also Brentan installed plexiglass windows by cutting a couple rectangles and adding trim. Less than a day for a total transformation.
      And I seriously just love white paint. It. does. so. much.

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