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Better Paper Towels


Pull from middle


I do not remember when paper towels became a necessity but I do know that I grew up just fine without them. Paper towels were invented the early part of the 20th century but did not catch on in popularity until (I think) the 1970’s. We considered them an extravagance and unnecessary. Cloth rags were free, worked and could be used and washed over and over. I often think about things that I  throw into my grocery cart today that  I consider staples yet were never  on anyone’s grocery list 20 years ago. Paper towels are one of those things.

I like the convenience of paper towels so I decided to make my own. These are free and can be washed and re-used. I still use paper towels occasionally, but I have cut way down.

For this little project,  I use a paper towel for a pattern and cut up some old white cotton tee shirts. I then fold them into thirds, stack them, roll them and put them into an air tight container.  This takes about 5 minutes. I then take 1 cup of water and add  1 ounce  liquid castile soap along with 6 drops of lemon essential oil. I pour it over the rolled up towels. I now have home made ‘wet wipes’. Pull each wipe out from the middle and voila,  instant cleaning cloth. I keep a jar in my bathroom and a jar by my kitchen sink. The cloths can be rinsed out and re-used. If I clean the floor or something gross, I rinse and wash the cloth and then toss it wet into the microwave for 2 minutes.  The cloth then comes out sanitized. Give this a try! It’s super easy! You will be doing something good for the earth!    -Peg


Use a paper towel as a pattern








Add 1 cup water , 1 ounce liquid castile soap and 6 drops lemon essential oil.



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