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Wrath Winery Inspiration

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I just got back from a beautiful trip down the central coast from Salinas to Paso Robles to Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo to Big Sur. I went beach hopping this weekend! But, one of the non-beach highlights of the weekend was wine tasting near the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterrey County.  I tasted some delicious wine, and got some gardening and outdoor space inspiration from one of the most design-forward wineries I’ve been to, Wrath Winery.  From the moment I drove up to the tasting room I thought, ‘this is beautiful, I want to frame this view and have it outside my window at home.’

One of my favorite things was just the arching movement of some of the landscaped grasses in the wind, which whips through the valley (and helps give Wrath its’ name!).  The grasses inspire me to plant more California natives in my garden and create a peaceful sanctuary in my backyard. How could I recreate those mountain views….?

Other highlights of during the Wrath journey:

  • Picturesque pond
  • Old abandoned Victorian house which they might spruce up one day for a tasting room
  • Other delicious wineries on the River Road, specifically Pessagno (excellent article here about River Road)
  • Authentic Mexican food in Gonzales
  • Fantastic views of strawberries and lettuce and pumpkins (for now) growing in Salinas Valley

Want to come with me to visit again?



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