Finding Inspiration from the Beach

On my trip this weekend down the central coast I was inspired by a few things that I saw and photographed.

Mexican paper cut outs

I love the look and feel of Mexican paper cutouts.  They say ‘party’! These pretty ones were hung outside of a new taqueria in Avila beach. Urban Outfitters has some inexpensive placemats that look like these cutouts in colorful patterns. Alternatively, you could just hang up some cutouts on the wall or over a patio. Cheap too:

Blue and White

Blue and white together just scream ‘BEACH’ to me. It’s an easy color combo that can go in lots of shades. Maybe that’s why my relaxing bathroom is blue and white?

Natural Elements

I love the greens and browns and wild roughness of these pictures. A home without some nature is a little sterile to me, so I like to cut greenery and  bring it inside or have some unfinished pieces with natural wood or stone. Maybe something like this driftwood candle holder from etsy, or a driftwood frame? (Notice those gorgeous wild succulents behind my brother in the first picture. That’s what I want my backyard to look like!!)

Happy Dog

A happy dog is a dog at the beach. This really has nothing to do with home, but Daphne is so cute and happy here, I couldn’t resist putting it in! She loves loves loves going to the beach and had a super dog happy time this weekend.



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