Design Star- my new addiction!

Somehow I stumbled across Design Star winner Emily Henderson’s blog. And things snowballed from there.  She does a great job of styling rooms specifically tailored to her clients- just watch the first episode of her new show, Secrets of a Stylist (available ONLINE here).

So then I was looking on Hulu for something good to watch. Did you know that you can watch every episode of HGTV’s show Design Star on Hulu? All 5 seasons of it.  I am hooked. And so excited that I started watching season 5 from the beginning to see how Emily won.  And unbelievably, she nearly goes home in the first episode.

And then!! Emily writes this great post about reupholstering vintage furniture on her blog: Reupholstering thoughts. or tips. or just words about it. Very useful to me right now.

I highly highly recommend everything. And Emily, will you please come to my house for your next episode of Secrets of a Stylist?



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