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Upholstery Fabric Found!

I found the secret stash!

In the back of Joann Fabric, behind the rolls of stock upholstery fabric lies the mother lode–racks and racks of upholstery fabric that can be ordered. I borrowed a few of the super cute patterns that I found last night (as my husband was shopping for supplies for his Halloween costume), took them home, and compared swatches on my chair and bench. I looked for fabric that:

  • Had a bold, graphic pattern
  • Would be sturdy (thanks to my mom’s tips)
  • Matched  at least two colors in my living room (dark gray, cream, spring green, yellow, or orange)

I love the ikat red and yellow linen pattern above, but after comparing it on the bench and chair, I don’t think it will work. It might be cute as a pillow on the couch, but Brentan vetoed that, saying it isn’t geometrical enough.

Next fabric: Robert Allen Home Cat’s Cradle in Sunshine

aka Mustard linen geometrical lattice fabric

I like this pattern. It’s bold, it matches the theme of the living room (1950-60 modern with clean lines). But the mustard color might be too much, and it’s not my favorite ever. Do you know what is more of my favorite color?

Next Fabric: Robert Allen Home Square Pegs in Kiwi

aka Nubby Cotton Houndstooth in Spring Green and Cream

I love this fabric; it’s luxurious and sturdy. It reminds me of a 19650’s woman’s coat, with a matching pillbox hat. And gloves. Long cream colored gloves. Maybe Grace Kelly Rear Window-like. But does that translate to a bench in my living room? I’m not sure. The pattern is much smaller than the others, and that doesn’t translate to a picture very well.

(Something like this jacket below, from the movie Sex and the Single Girl from 1964. Photo via Sweet Sunday Mornings)

Next Fabric: P/Kauffman Linked/Circa/Dawn

aka The most beautiful linen lattice fabric with grown up colors.

This is most certainly going on this chair. The lines and curves in the fabric go with the lines in the chair. I had originally thought of painting the wood white, but with this fabric, I might just sand and re-stain it a wood color.

Any thoughts on which directions I should go? You can vote in the poll below for the bench, which I am especially torn on…



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