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Wood Ceilings on HGTV Blog

How come I hadn’t discovered the HGTV Design Happens blog sooner than the other week? It is full of HGTV’s great inspiration, and I have something in my home that one blogger is trying to create in her home:

Photo from Design Happens

Wood ceilings! In her post, Erin Loechner, writes about covering her ceilings with wood to avoid dealing with potential asbestos inside popcorn ceilings. She gives great DIY  instructions, which is one of the reasons I ❤ HGTV! I think I might do the same if I was in that pickle, but fortunately I already have pretty wood ceilings with wood beams! I’ve seen these ceilings popping up in lots of places, and I think it’s one of the (only) interesting  architectural details of my 1950’s tract home.

Love these white ceilings, and think the stained ones are interesting (in that super old guest bedroom “before” picture!)

Would you do (or do you have) wood ceilings?


Update 11/12/11: I just remembered this post from Apartment Therapy a while ago about exposed wood ceilings, too!


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