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Guest Bedroom Blues

I love most of my house, and am very happy with most of the things in it, but my guest bedroom is a bit blah. I found some cute pillows at Target last week (when I was supposed to be shopping for post-Halloween deals), and they inspired me to improve the decor for the guest bedroom, using possibly what I already have.

Here is what the bedroom looks like now:

It has a few cute elements (mainly the Dwell Studio for Target bedding, which I love love love!), but needs something to tie it all together. Maybe curtains? I bought that blue pillow (along with another cute blue pillow) and can’t return it, but it doesn’t quite look right on the bed.

I could go for more color, and use both blue pillows:

Or go for a more streamlined color palate with only black and white:

Which would definitely require me to paint this nightstand that I got at an estate sale a glossy black:

So I put together this mood board to help guide me, using pieces that are modern, urban, clean and streamlined.  I think the black white and yellow color scheme works well.

Pillow, Bedding, Bed, Yellow Lamp, Chair, Shelves, White Lamp, Table, Mirror, Dresser

What would you do? Go in a different direction? Perhaps something more relaxing and nature-inspired?

Please help my boring guest room! You might stay in it one day– so your opinion would be helpful!



12 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Blues

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  8. Yes, go with the white and black! Yes, Paint the nightstand. Some black and white photos on the wall would look nice too. I love staying in your guest room, that bed is mighty comfy!!!

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