Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now!


Our tired old "Marvin" Windows


We have finally decided that it is time to replace these windows.  They are tired. They are old. They are worn out. They came as freebies from my sister’s house back in 1992. Barb was remodeling and did not want them. They seemed perfectly good to me, they were only  20 years old. Now, I’m not one to throw away anything so I said that I would be happy to put them to good use.  We filled this wall of our new family/reading room and put on the finishing touches days before Henry, our baby was born. Over the years, they lost their air seal and had moisture build up between the glass. I researched and replaced a few of the bad sections but things got worse. They became drafty AND foggy so I used a hair dryer to shrink wrap them with 3M window film which is great stuff if you have frigid winter winds blowing through your windows. BUT, I’m tired of blow drying my windows. I’m also tired of wasting fuel and heat. So we have decided that the time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. GO! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow.  Marvin K Mooney will you please go now! …you can go by ballon…or broomstick. OR you can go by camel in a bureau drawer. You can go by Bumble-Boat..or jet. I don’t care how you go. Just GET! Get yourself a Ga-Zoom. You can go with a…………BOOM. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin! Will you leave this Room!

Tomorrow is the day that we get our new Marvin’s….Marvin windows that is.  -Peg


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