A New Outlook


Goodbye old


I like a good project as well as the next person. I like to put things back together and make things useful again. I enjoy the thrill that I get from making something from nothing. When I’m on my game, I will squint and chew my lip and think of nothing else.  I love to be in the zone. My projects usually consist of fixing a broken chair leg or painting a room or re-upholstering a couch or getting a stain out of a vintage table cloth. I have never done any real pick axe and sledge hammer kind of home remodeling. Oh I have bashed out the tile wall behind a bath tub and put in new cement sheet rock and tile all by myself. I guess I have also helped to put a new roof on our chicken coop/shed. I’m not afraid of getting dirty. But what I saw happen at my house yesterday was nothing short of a miracle.  Three strapping young men drove up to my house at around 8:30am and got down to work. They pried out the old windows, measured and cut and sawed a new opening, and wrestled a  set of HUGE windows to put in their place. They worked and worked and worked until they could work no more. The last bit of caulking was done on a ladder outside while one guy held a flashlight so the other could see. Look what they did. In my lifetime, I could not imagine being able to do this. Awesome. Who says that you cannot get good help these days? -Peg


The window truck



Windows in!



the windows after



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