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Uncovering a Chair Mystery

Uncovering this chair was like a mystery. How does the seat come off? What is underneath that white fabric? How will I attach my new fabulous fabric?

Well, the seat comes off with a little force. And there is ugly green velvet, probably from the 1970’s, under that white fabric!

As I started taking the chair apart I noticed that it had been recovered before, some of it looking quite professional, with upholstery tacks. Those tacks were a bit difficult to remove and I ended up using a hammer to wedge a screwdriver under the tacks to pry them loose.

And some of it looking a little homespun, with hot glue on to hold the piping in place:

And how I put the new fabric on…. well you’ll just have to wait and see….



4 thoughts on “Uncovering a Chair Mystery

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  3. Ah yes, the screwdriver is the amateur reupholsterer’s BEST friend. Looks like a fun project! Maybe i’ll be inspired to finish a few of my own…. lol!!

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