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A Fresh Face

The new fabric is on! And it was easy! Really!

I pretty much completely reupholstered the chair in an evening. I started taking apart the chair a few days ago, but the recovering was done in one night. I decided to leave the ugly green fabric underneath my new beautiful fabric, since I didn’t want to deal with taking out all the staples that held it in place and 30+ year old stuffing underneath.

After a quick return trip to Joann Fabric (I needed a liner so the green fabric wouldn’t show through my light colored lattice fabric), I cut my fabric based on the pattern from the white fabric that was on it before, got out my staple gun, and stapled the fabric on to the chair frame.

I did get to use another gun–my glue gun! I decided that the piping I made could be glued on to the chair, just like it was before.  And I glued a piece of the lining fabric onto the bottom of the chair to cover up the unsightly springs, in case anyone looks underneath my chair.

Remember what it looked like before:

Now it’s beautiful:

I decided not to do anything with the color of the frame. I like the stain it has, and it fits with the room. I guess I could paint it bright glossy green, for a totally different vibe!

Do you like the blue pillow on it? It might be a little big for this smallish chair…

Here is the general area, but it seems to be missing something in the picture. Maybe some sconces on the wall? Or something on the wall by the mirror? Something that draws your eye up a bit? Or do you like the minimalist approach? That’s probably how it will stay until I come up with something else.

Yay new chair! I’m moving on to the bench next!



4 thoughts on “A Fresh Face

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  3. You have such a gift, able to update old furniture as well as explain the procedure with such simplicity. I’m ready to follow by recovering my 10 foot sectional. Maybe I should wait till you come down. (kidding) Love “Just About Home”, you will go places with it.
    Love ya G&G

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