Wood Floor Wonderings


Photo by TiggerT

Brentan ordered a few wood floor samples this weekend, and they came last night.(!!)

We’ve been thinking about installing some floating engineered wood floors for the living room and kitchen for a while, and I’m excited to see what our options are. We got a few different colors and widths, and I’m drawn to something warm and not too dark.

Things to think about:
– Will the money be returned (or increased) when we sell the house in a few years?
– What color would be the best as an investment? Dark brown is trendy, but will it still be in 5 years?
– What color would be the best in the house? Our ceilings are dark wood and will more dark wood make the rooms look dark, or worse, like a hunting lodge?

Right now I’m leaning towards a medium width honey color that is warm but not red or dark. It’s classic, and I think that will translate well to our  modern house. Anyways, almost anything will look better and make the house more cozy than ugly tile floors!



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