New Hardwood Floors!

Wow! We bit the bullet and put in some beautiful hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room.

Brentan and I had been thinking of wood floors since we moved in, since I really didn’t like the tile floors that were there before. So about a month ago, Brentan brought it back up, since we seemed to have saved enough money to give it a go. We searched online and at Lowes and Home Depot for samples, and went with 3″ wide butterscotch color engineered locking wood planks. Lowes and Home Depot had a very similar selection in stock, but Lowes prices were just a little cheaper (and luckily accept competitors’ coupons since we had one to HD!), so we went with them. We don’t need a custom look and had to be careful about pricing the floors out of our neighborhood, so price and color were our deciding factors. Overall we spent about $1400, well within our budget, and as far as home renovation products, the install was really easy (just a bit time consuming). Here’s theΒ product, and the installation, below:

After two days of installation, it finally made our rooms look beautiful!

Despite worrying that the dark color would make the rooms feel smaller and darker, the slight gloss actually reflects the light and since it’s one material from room to room everything flows better and feels connected. Success!



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