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We are still digging out from one of our biggest snowstorms in history. Everything is white and wintery. We will definitely have a white Christmas this year. In honor of all the snow, I have gone a little crazy with making snowflakes. I am decorating the house with snowflake garlands and a snowflake only Christmas tree. I cut out many snowflakes as a kid but I had forgotten exactly how to make a nice round lacy snowflake. Here is a refresher course for you in case you would like to fill your house with some snow!  I used recycled paper from my computer and didn’t worry about a little print on one side of the snowflakes. Use sharp scissors and be careful. To make a garland, simply sew the snowflakes together using a long stitch on your sewing machine. Have fun!  – Peg




4 thoughts on “Snowflakes

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the “refresher”, although I’m not sure I ever learned how to properly make snowflakes in the first place. Can’t wait to try this out!

    • It is so easy, and it takes only minutes to sew them. They can be draped like a garland or left to hang. I might hang a bunch across a curtain rod to make festive drapes!

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