Christmas / Decorating

Ice Lanterns

Winter has arrived early here in the north and to keep my spirits up, I have been making stuff. Yesterday I wrote about the million snowflakes that I have been cutting. Well, I have also been making Ice lanterns to brighten the darkest nights of the year. They are so easy to make. The only materials you need are a bucket and water…and frigid cold temperatures. Fill a bucket with water and set it outside overnight (or in your freezer if you  don’t have freezing temps where you live).  After about 12 hours, dump the bucket upside down in a sink. There should be water (not frozen) in the middle of the bucket. Dump out the water and voila, a lovely ice lantern is born! I plan to line my walk and entryway for holiday guests.

The best part? There is no clean up. The lanterns will melt and disappear before spring. If I use them enough, the candles will burn down to nothing! Electric lights, who needs them? – Peg


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