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Pink Bathrooms

Happy New Year! I hope this year proves to be happy and productive!

Photo by john curley

One of my new projects for the new year is to renovate the bathroom. I have only one in my house, alas, so any work will eliminate bathroom use. I already did a bit of work when I moved in, but want it to look a bit more spa-like. But more on that later.

Bathroom Before and After
So in doing some research on bathrooms, I came across a movement in bathrooms that is the opposite of spa-like: embracing pink, retro bathrooms. One of my favorite blogs homes, The Brick House, has the problem that apparently many people face: a bathroom in good shape, but PINK! and no money to pay for a total overhaul.
The New York Times wrote an article a few days ago about how people are taking back the retro pink bathroom. I just love it!
There’s even a website devoted to saving pink retro bathrooms:
If I had a retro bathroom, I think I might embrace it. My old apartment in Boston had mint green retro tile, and it was so fun!

2 thoughts on “Pink Bathrooms

  1. I like your blue jeans colored walls, what are you thinking of doing? Please,please please don’t paint them pink!!!

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