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Bathroom Ideas

Like I said in a previous post, I’m planning on renovating my bathroom a bit from this:

to something like this:

From House Beautiful


From Cottage Living


From Sunset

I’m thinking that the main elements of the bathroom are, many from the pictures above:

  • Subway tile
  • Glass subway tile (like that gorgeous shower above)
  • White and gray marble counter for the vanity
  • Mirror along the whole wall
  • Long shelf below the mirror
  • Light aqua or green walls
  • Wall mount sink fixture
  • Tile along the bathtub

There will be a few new construction elements–namely a drop ceiling above the bath to allow for a fan and light, and a header above the sink and toilet with can lights. The floors will stay the same since they were recently redone, and I still like them a lot! Oh yeah, and I think my budget is around$2500–but I haven’t priced it all out yet.

Possible challenges:

  • Where do I find a mirror that can cover my 69″ wall? Is a custom mirror going to be too expensive?
  • Will all the white subway tile look dirty in a little while? How can I keep it all clean?
  • Do I stay with the cute blue accent tiles on the floor or go for an accent of glass subway tiles, which I love love love!
  • What to make the wall-length shelf out of?
  • The design is very streamlined. Do I need to add in some texture or coziness?

So wish me luck–I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my decisions as the happen!




5 thoughts on “Bathroom Ideas

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  2. PS: I think you can add the coziness with accessories, because I think a cool and minimalist bathroom is good. Allows for flexibility with little accessories.

    Have you seen Jeannine’s bathroom at She did a gorgeous marble tiled one.
    She talked about her problems finding unblemished tile

    Hope this helps!

  3. I don’t remember if it was Thrifty Decor Chic, Centsational Girl, Bower Power, or another one of those well-known blogs, but one of them did a custom mirror in a bathroom – and if I remember correctly, it was as simple as putting up the mirror, then framing it with wood trim.

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