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Home Resolutions for 2011

For 2011 my goals for my home are:

  • Clean out clothes closet and donate old clothes to Goodwill (done today!)
  • Redo bathroom (started designing already!)
  • Clean out office and make more beautiful. Too much clutter!
  • Finish designing guest room. I gave it a start in the last year, but want to make it a bit more polished
  • Keep the house clean! Namely: Steam clean carpets, clean grout, keep couches vacuumed, dishes out of sink etc.
  • Start a vegetable garden again and maybe expand
  • Update the garden in the front of the house, add more native plants and more structure
  • Host a party or get together every month

Best wishes for your New Year’s resolutions, and wish me luck for mine!



2 thoughts on “Home Resolutions for 2011

  1. Hey – looks like we’ve got some similar goals! Need to finish my guest room, and as you know – I’m working on making my office/sewing room prettier – and we also plan to steam clean carpets soon, and I definitely have resolved to keep kitchen neater on an hourly basis. 🙂

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