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What 15 Minutes Can Do

I saw this amazing before and after from The Intertidal Years–which only uses a little staging and a better photographer, no new things–on a few blogs over the last few days. The results are pretty staggering:

Living Room Before

Living Room After

The blogger staged her house so she could sell it easier, and I thought, hey, why are we all living in so much crap? Why don’t we live in the “after” world all the time?

Well it’s hard to clean, and know what looks good. But I thought I could give it a try with my living room. I gave myself 15 minutes, as just an appetizer of what a good cleanup all over the house can do. And so, my room went from this:

Living room before

To this:

Living Room After

Living Room After

While my living room isn’t perfect, it looks so much better without clutter.

As a sidenote, I watched a few episodes of  Hoarders last night, and it just makes me feel good about how I live– always trying to make my house more homey (as well as sad and depressed about these people with a serious mental illness).

So how else can I make my room homey and welcoming? How would have you staged it? More accessories? Less? Better photography (that’s a given!)?



7 thoughts on “What 15 Minutes Can Do

  1. your living room looks great! I too love watching ‘Hoarders’ I swear during an episode I’m fluffing pillows, tossing junk mail etc.

    I love your light fixture! I’ve been trying to talk my husband into parting ways with our ceiling fan, lol 🙂

    • Katrina,
      Thanks! The light is relatively new, from Overstock, and I love it. I keep seeing drum shades pop up everywhere.
      Good luck with convincing your husband (I have to admit, the light was my husband’s pick!)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just function better in a clean house, I wish it wasn’t so much work keeping it that way! Maybe when my daughter outgrows the “dump out the cereal/shampoo/potting soil/canister of BBs” into the carpet phase…

  3. Glad you liked the rooms! I feel like posting disclaimers everywhere: The living room didn’t usually have THAT much junk in it–I didn’t think to take pictures until we’d already started the process. But I have to say, I’m hoping we can keep living like the house might be shown every day even after we’re no longer showing it.

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