Brewery Inspiration

I spent last weekend in Monterey and Pacific Grove, and spent a lovely time with my husband, parents, and dogs! My dog, Daphne, got to hang with my parents’ dog, Sathi, along with all the other dogs in that area!

Sathi at the Beach

Daphne at the Beach

We all went (minus the dogs) to the Monterey Brewing Company for drinks one evening, and had a nice time sitting on their patio with a fire going. The decor of the place was quite surprising and unique. I liked it! (Sorry for the dark photos)

First, you walk in and there’s a real penny tile floor in the alcove. Cool.

Penny Tile

Then, an amazing salvaged bottle chandelier. You could totally make one. I would if I had a more industrial space.

Bottle Chandelier

Then, these neat old found vocab cards framed in the waiting area and bathroom. I am totally doing this next time I go to the flea market. I see these there all the time.

Vocab Card Art

Just a generally nice environment. The beer was ok. The decor was much better.

Additionally, on my trip I scored some nice medium sized copper bottom Revere Ware pots at a garage sale, that now complete a set. I use my small one all the time to cook rice and pasta, and now I can make bigger batches!

Did you score any cool things or see any unique decor inspiration recently?



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