A Home for a Gnome

We have jumped ship from the snowy north and are enjoying a visit to CA. We are moseying from San Francisco down the coast all the way to San Diego. There are so many places to explore. Each one of our 3 kids lives in CA so we get to visit them too.  We love hiking under the majestic redwood forests and exploring the towns and beaches along the coast. Yesterday we decided to take a hike on the Monterey Peninsula up into some hills overlooking the ocean. We went through the most magical redwood forest with a little stream running through as it rambled its way down to the Pacific Ocean. We sat on a big smooth rock next to the little stream to eat our lunch. When we were finished, we looked up and noticed this little HOUSE tucked just off the trail. Someone had made a tiny gnome house in the hollow of a redwood stump. They lashed together a ladder from twigs and made a tiny bed from leaves and braided a rope for the occupants to swing from. Of course, we had to add our stamp to the cottage. Jay, my husband built a second floor addition with a twig pergola covering the front porch; I decorated with a few pine cones and sorrel leaves to make it inviting for the next teeny inhabitant and the next lucky hiker to stumble upon. What a fun way to whittle away an afternoon!   -Peg

Jay playing gnome house under the redwoods

The sorrel lined path under the redwoods

The redwood forest where the gnomes live


3 thoughts on “A Home for a Gnome

  1. Did you know that you & Elton John have something in common. U help build a home for gromes and Elton made a movie about them “Gromeo & Juliet”

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