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Kitchen Layout 101

I just did a twenty minute mean clean today and I’m back in business after a quick four day vacation to a beach house just north of San Diego, in Encinitas, with my mom and dad (and hubby!).

Wins: Early morning walks and jogs on the beach, modern architecture, and going to Lucha Libre with my brother and his girlfriend.

Losses: Rain on Sunday afternoon, and the layout of the rental kitchen.

The kitchen of the vacation rental we stayed in totally sucked. Here’s some advice to not make your (rental) kitchen suck, with a basic lesson in kitchen layout 101:

  • Use real flooring. Lines in laminate halfway across the kitchen do not make for good feng shui.
  • Work triangle! Make sure you have a working triangle between your sink, refrigerator, and stove, so you can easily go from one place to another, since these are the kitchen hotspots.  This kitchen did not come close. See below, and how I would fix it, if it were my kitchen. And please bear with my Paint skillz for the layouts.

Kitchen As-Is

Work Triangle As-Is

In the above diagram, the work triangle goes through a wall. So unless you’re Superman, or a ghost, this is not going to work well. And it didn’t. Whoever was cooking at the stove felt cut off from the rest of the room, especially since the area below the diagram opened up to the living and eating area.


How I would lay out the kitchen, with an effective work triangle

In this layout, there is an efficient work triangle, and it allows the kitchen to feel fuller and more functional. There is plenty of counter space still, and now a bit of extra space where the stove used to be. What would I do with that abandoned hallway where the stove used to be? I’d make a walk in pantry or bar area. It’s not necessary for a rental, but would add a bit to an otherwise useless space in the kitchen.



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Layout 101

  1. You didn’t mention that there was no light or fan over the stove so you had to cook in the dark AND the goofiest part – the kitchen had recently been remodeled. Whoever “designed” the layout was out of their mind (or maybe just a surfer dude)! It would have been so easy to make it flow comfortably. Oh, you should mention that Zillow suggests that the house was worth $1 million. San Diego has GREAT beaches though!!

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