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Look What I Found: Multigenerational Flea Market Finds!

Oh happy day! It’s been absolutely beautiful here in the last few days.

My mom and dad are back in town this weekend, and this morning we went to the Alameda Antiques Fair, which my mom has been looking forward to for months!

So look what I found this morning:

Vintage teak candle holder. It bends every which way, and fits perfectly on the coffee table.

This picture is pretty bad, but adding to my teak collection, a teak and marble lamp. I don’t love the shade, I think I’ll replace it eventually with something that relates to the big drum shade attached to the ceiling. My mom said that she didn’t like this when I bought it, but I think it will grow on her. It also looks stellar in my living room.

I also got these cool etchings from the 1820’s of a water wheel and a steam engine.  I was looking at pictures of butterflies, and Brentan said, ‘how about something more mechanical?’ So I went over to the science and technology section (of this huge booth full of prints), and found these instead.

My mom didn’t find anything small enough to take back to Minnesota that she liked, but perhaps came away with some good inspiration!

Now watching the Superbowl. Great day!



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