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Big Sur California

Jay and I continue our 2 month winter escape trip to California and we find ourselves along the beautiful rugged coastline of Big Sur.  We checked into our home for the week and are settling nicely into a quintessential California spa like cottage/cabin called Glen Oaks.  I quickly took photos before we moved in so you can see how it looked in its pristine condition. It has some nice  details that I noticed right away. I think about my real home and how I would like to tweak to make it more spa like. Here are the photos, let me know if you like it. Oh, to add to the spa like feel, I am playing my sister Barb’s CD of relaxing music as I write this…I feel so calm…

Our cottage in the Red woods

The photo above shows our  sitting area and redwood door.

Very earthy and warm yet modern

Liz, you will like the orange chair.

The door to the bath has real twigs pressed between two pieces of frosted glass.  The stone floor is heated and the vanity is laminated wood – very serene.

The Buddha Board is like a grown up etch-a-sketch.

I love the gas fireplace on the wall!

A close up of the twigs on the bathroom door.

the communal firepit


Next up, our day at the Alemeda antique fair. Liz posted some of her finds already and I will get posting soon. I just had to share this special spot first. -peg


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