Alameda Flea Market / Look what I found!

Alameda Antique fair

Liz and I look so happy in this photo because we are at the HUGE and famous Alameda Antique Fair in Alameda, CA. The weather was perfect, the husbands were cooperative and Liz and I were in bliss. The fair stretched for what seemed to be miles of vendors selling all kinds of old stuff. we walked and walked and looked and looked. I was not in the market to buy anything but I got all kinds of ideas and inspiration to get to work on some new projects. Elizabeth found an ugly lamp straight from the 1960’s.  What do I know? Everything seems to come back in fashion after a while.  We kept the guys, Jay and Brentan fed and in exchange, they patiently walked with us…as long as we got home in time for the Super Bowl!  To my surprise, Jay almost bought an antique map and a plate from the World’s fair in 1965. He considered buying them but he just couldn’t! Here are some photos of some of the finds at the fair:

Junk Rooster

Magnet boards

In the antique linen booth

I have an iron bed in my barn just like this one! I better sew some cushions  for it when I get home. Look at that price!

This couch is upholstered with French feed sacks. They left all the mends and holes…a little of this look goes a long way.

I love this burnished, metallic painted finish on this desk. I am going to try it on a desk that I have at home.

We saw all kinds of people at the fair. There were lots of middles age people like me along with young urban professionals like Liz and Brentan. I saw many tattoos and crazy vintage outfits. There were hipsters and a new (to me) style that Liz informed is called Steam Punk. Here is a photo that I found on the web of a steam punker. I saw a guy wearing this exact kilt.  It was a fun day – peg



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