Garden Curb Appeal

Last weekend Brentan and I spent some time doing some heavy labor–landscaping. The garden that runs along the front of our house has always been a mess, especially when we moved in. Though we cleaned up the jungle that was there (see below), it still lacked any kind of curb appeal, with dying mums and no scheme to tie everything together.

It was a jungle out there

The crazy "before"


After the jungle was bushwhacked

As you can see, we did a bit of landscape eliminating, but that left the front of the house a little too minimalistic. And still messy. Grass was growing over the brick border, weeds were creeping in, and there wasn’t enough vegetation. So last weekend was part 1 of project clean up the front of the house.  (And this weekend would be part 2, but it’s pouring out today!)

So we pulled out the brick border to reset it, dug out all the stumps of the old jungle trees, weeded, and cleaned!

Brentan was in charge of removing stumps, and he did a good job. Do you see how big some of those plants were in the first picture?


Brentan digging out stumps

Stump hole!

I was in charge of removing weeds/grass and the bricks.



Then Brentan and I both re-set the bricks for the edging. We made sure the trench that was already there was straight, poured in some sand so the bricks could settle in nicely, and then pounded the bricks in the right place with a rubber mallet. I used this video from the diy network to learn how to do it, but it was much harder to get the bricks straight and even than I anticipated.


Setting the bricks straight

Then, ta-da, after a weekend of hard work, we had a nice clean border around the garden.

Clean Brick Edging

As I mentioned before, this weekend was supposed to be part 2: buying and planting some native California plants. But it’s raining raining raining, like it has all week, and that doesn’t make a pleasant day gardening.

Maybe you can help me though… how would you hide/camouflage those ugly sprinkler valves by the house? The only thing I can think of is one of those equally ugly fake plastic rocks. Also, any suggestions about plants? It gets morning sun and afternoon shade, and they should be very hard to kill, and need very little attention.



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