Stuff I’m Loving

Here are a few things that I’ve bookmarked and am I’m loving now:

Positive messages from CB2:

I want to wake up to YES every day

I’m loving yellow and gray, like in these few bedrooms:

From the show "Enough Already"

Yellow black and white room from Apartment Therapy

I’m liking bright antique  industrial touches, like this orange phone from Martha Stewart via The Happy Home Blog.

Orange phone!

Awesome Edison chandelier from Pottery Barn:

Edison Chandelier

And this totally girlie beautiful organized entryway, from now defunct blog, Room Remix:

Girlie Entry

So that’s what’s inspiring me right now. That and drum shades and all shades of gray. And succulents too.

Random. That’s what I got today. I’m off to help paint a friend’s new old house, and I’m hoping to get some good pictures with her!



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