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Sarah’s Oakland Bungalow (In Progress)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent most of last Saturday helping my friend Sarah (of Urbivore) fix up her new home in Oakland, CA.  I’ve known Sarah since 9th grade or so, and owning a home has been her dream since she moved out to CA over a year ago. Her new old house is 1950’s bungalow style, with nice newly refinished wood floors, lots of light, and lots of imperfections on the walls, which I became intimately familiar with as we spackled, sanded, swiped, and painted during the day. The living room above is the prettiest room in the house with TONS of light from the east and south facing windows. Her fireplace is really cool too, and has a bit of potential for awesomeness! (The pink mirror above, less so)

Here’s Brentan and Sarah in the entryway, right before we went out to get some delicious tacos for lunch and primer to fix that ugly patch on the wall in the following photo.

Sarah had picked out some paint colors before we arrived, and here is Lori (Sarah’s friend from college) looking at the mess we need to clean up. This room is the dining room, and I can just see a cute chandelier with Sarah’s vintage modern turquoise chairs and teak table so well in here! We painted this room grayish blue, but I didn’t manage to snap any during or after pictures.

Sarah’s eventual plan, and instigator of buying her first house, is to transform the yard into an urban edible garden, complete with chickens!

I’m going back next weekend for any support Sarah needs. Stay tuned for more updates.



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