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New Plants

New Plants

I went to the local nursery a few days ago (I like to support local nurseries instead of places like Home Depot, when I can! The staff are so helpful and really care about your projects), and bought a few new plants. I was a little bummed with their selection, but I’m told that in a month or two, when spring “officially” arrives (though not in Northern CA–it’s already here!) they’ll have more stuff to choose from. However, that didn’t stop me from finding a few plants and veggies, and spending close to $150!

So this bed in front of the house still is mostly empty (remember my adventures in plant extraction?), and I’m going to wait a bit longer to fill it up completely.


A few veggies filled up my filing cabinet planter. Did I ever tell you that I made this last spring? I found a few cheap metal filing cabinets at a garage sale, took out the drawers, and screwed them together, bottom to bottom. Then I added some casters and spray painted the whole thing a pretty light blue. A very easy, cheap, flexible mini garden! I overestimated its capacity, and had to put my spinach in pots. Though I think they’re cute in terra cotta!


I was delighted that the nursery carried bare root strawberry plants. These are supposed to yield big, juicy berries, and I can’t wait for June or July to come to harvest these!

The filing cabinet planter box

Here’s a larger view of my planter box, the other side filled with lettuce and peas. The box is rusting a bit so a fresh coat of paint might be nice….

How does your garden grow? I’d love some tips on container gardening, or hear about what’s been successful to you!



One thought on “New Plants

  1. My husband decided to try square foot gardening. He made 2 boxes that are 5X7′, we’ve planted cauliflower, zucchini, onions, pickling cucumbers, okra, beets, bell, jalapeno, and sweet peppers, green beans, limas, snap peas, cow peas, cilantro. Then in containers several varieties of tomatoes and carrots! Square foot gardens are easy to take care of hardly any weeds. He put down commercial felt (like businesses use for landscaping ) under the boxes, ordered compost and manure, (no native soil) sowed quality seeds and have a huge garden. I’ve got an autoimmune disease and a lot of store bought things make me sick. Home grown produce taste nothing like what you buy at the market. We are canning & freezing and it’s a great way to spend time with my husband. He’s very hands on in the kitchen, actually teaching me how to can our produce. He bought a Huge Pressure Canner from a man for $20., looked it up online and its around $400, so he really scored!
    Never thought I’d end up enjoying this as much as I do it’s a lot of fun. Even make my own homemade pesticidefor aphids and hornworms.
    I live in the San Joaquin (Central) Valley here in California. Was llooking up a recipe and came upon your website. You ladies do a phenomenal job! Keep it coming. Thanks,

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