Ashlyne Huff Video: Victorian Opulence

I don’t really know anything about this artist, but she (or her producer) has an awesome taste in architecture and design. Don’t you kind of want to live in the apartment in this music video? I’m loving the fireplaces and the blue walls, the yellow details, the wide wood floors, the crown molding, and the sparse, yet opulent, furniture. Drool fireplace. Drool high ceilings and windows. (I miss my Boston apartment. It had this kind of potential.)

I like that the space is so open– it just screams ‘HAVE A PARTY!’ I sort of wonder what other people’s spaces look like full of friends and family, unlike the traditional empty staged blog and design mag pictures. I want to see your friends and the cool people that hang out where you are!!

Next time I have a big party in my space, I’ll try to take some pictures of it full of people.

So she’s a little dramatic, but she’s rocking the cowboy boots with the floofy dress.



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