Book Review: Happy Chic Accessorizing by Jonathan Adler

Cover Photo from Amazon

I got home tonight, excited to read my new book (that I got in the mail yesterday from Amazon), Happy Chic Accessorizing, as my husband watched March Madness. I bought Happy Chic Color in the mail too, and !surprisingly!, Brentan had already taken a peek through.

‘That guy is crazy,’ are his first words as I open the cover.

‘I know,’ I reply.

I got what I was expecting–a crazy, color-filled, eclectic, modern, playful, CRAZY loose guide to design. His look is unique, never boring, and the pictures full of color. The copy, on the other hand, is a little soft, but playful still. On decorating with pillows, Adler says, “Herewith, more tips for squishifying your pad.”

I don’t think I could ever embrace Adler’s playful over-the-top enthusiasm for over-the-top-ness, but I love his overall theory in his belief that “your home should make you happy.” I believe that too, Jonathan, I believe that too.


PS. You should check out this adorable post over at Carrots N Cake: life advice from Murphy (the dog). So cute!


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