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Sunburst in My Bathroom!

Remember when I was contemplating re-doing the bathroom? Well, after a few (small) tweaks, I’m perfectly happy with the way it is!

Isn’t it funny, how adding just one or two things can make a space feel so much happier? I love having flowers in here, and my mom got me a mini orchid when she and my dad were staying with me a month ago. It’s expiring fast, but still makes me smile when I walk in. I hope to keep one in there always! I added a nice new glass soap pump (buh-bye plastic containers), too.

But my favorite new thing is the sunburst mirror (from Target, $24.99, apparently not online, but similar to these sunburst mirrors here, and here). A little mid-modern touch to my mostly classic bathroom.

So, what’s the need to add more lights and frame out the ceiling and re-tile the shower? Well, I’d still love a marble vanity countertop



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