In a Design Slump? I’m Here to Help!

So I’ve been reading Rue and Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge (among others) and obsessing over the new cb2 catalogs and vintage Etsy stores for about two years now. I decided that instead of nibbling my way into the world of decor like I’ve been doing, I’m going to take a big bite. I want to help you tackle your biggest design challenges.

My goal: help you make your home a better place to live

Everyone should feel as good as I did when I finally found the secret to making my living room a comfortable place to hang out (shhh: lots of lighting, a warm paint color, and appropriately scaled seating). If you have a space that is lacking character or comfort I can help you transform the space. If your home or rental feels like it belongs to someone else, or the college student you once were, I can help you make it YOU. If you’re on a grad student’s budget and feel like you’re stuck with white walls and Ikea forever, I can help you find affordable pieces and become a confident DIYer.

Your assignment: email me your dilemmas, let me know what challenges you are facing

Send me an email at justabouthomeblog [at] gmail [dot] com with a detailed question or request for a room mood board (for an example, look here or here). Even if you don’t know where to begin, I can provide a road map. I’ll answer all questions on the blog, and I’ll even recruit my mom, the decorating authority, if I’m stumped.

And if you’re local to the Bay Area, I’d love to experiment with full service design services: aka you provide the budget and I’ll make you a great room starting with the mood board and ending with the finished space (HGTV style!).

I always wanted to write an advice column, this just might be different than what I expected! Please send me any comments or questions you have- I’d love to hear from you!



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