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Korin’s Modern Bedroom with Vintage Touches: Mood Board Ideas

Modern Bedroom with Vintage Touches                   

Colors: Sliver, plum, dusty rose, and a little chocolate brown

(I’m helping Korin decorate her new condo. You can see the suggestions I’ve made to her living room here, and background about our project here.)

Vintage pieces and accents make the modern bedroom a bit homier and more lived-in. I suggest a 60’s era 6 drawer dresser, like the one pictured from Craigslist, and a few vintage decorative pieces like a milk glass vase or old mirror. The centerpiece of the bedroom is a wall decal or mural in the shape of the flowers inspired by the shower curtain in the adjacent bathroom—silvery-cream silhouettes on a plum colored wall. The rest of the walls can stay light (something shimmery and soft) or all go plum. Hang a mirror above the dresser and a full length mirror leaning against the wall.

The room can be lit with two table lamps, perched on awesome West Elm Random tables (citing back to your side tables in the living room), with vintage silhouettes, and a classic or vintage chandelier hanging over the end of the bed.

Add purple and silver throw pillows on your bed to tie it all together.

The overall effect is soft and feminine with a few organic touches, but overall modern lines that mimic the lines in the living room.

Mood Board Sources:

West Elm Random Table $149

Reflections shower curtain

Vintage 1960’s 6 drawer dresser—this one is from craigslist, $180

Meryl Lamp from Crate and Barrel, $69.95

Charles Nickel Chandelier from Crate and Barrel $399,

White vintage milk glass vase, Etsy, $10 (with some fresh lavender blossoms!)

West Elm blackened metal mirrors- round above dresser and rectangular on floor for full length ($149, $349)

Anything else you’d add or change for Korin’s bedroom?


PS. You can check out the progress I’ve made in helping Korin decorate her new condo here and here.


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