What I learned from Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool Contest

Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool contest is officially over. And I didn’t win.

Congrats to the winner:  Jordan’s Light, Location & Vibe

Photo from Apartment Therapy

I was honored to even be a part of the competition, and happy I was selected. Thanks for voting for me–I didn’t really come close to winning, but I did not come in last, and that’s what counts!

Here’s what I learned from the competition:

  • I was one of 196 entries posted on the AT website. They received 453 total entries, so that means I beat the odds and was one of their accepted entries with a 43% acceptance rate (not exactly Ivy League rates, but still pretty good, and probably way self-selecting)
  • According to the people of the AT community, but not my 6’2″ husband, I should hang my art lower, especially with the low ceilings
  • People will give you advice, but you gotta go with what you love and works for your home
  • Mid-century lines, wood, and vintage objects are way in, for a good example, see the international winner
I’d enter again, with another home, at another time. And I’d submit things to Apartment Therapy tomorrow if I thought I might be featured. It was so fun!

3 thoughts on “What I learned from Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool Contest

  1. I voted for you! Your home and your blog really inspire me and I love living vicariously through you!


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