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Weekend Updates: Windows and Succulents

It was a nice weekend this past weekend. Brentan and I got some projects nearly finished, and started some new ones, and ran a 12k through San Francisco!

First off, Brentan put a nice frame around our bathroom window. It’s not painted, but it’s already looking much better.

I worked on finishing a shade for this window, but of course it’s not up because the frame still needs to be painted. So you’ll just have to wait and see.

As we were walking Daphne on Saturday, we came across a garage sale in the neighborhood. Usually garage sales in our area suck, but this guy was selling a bunch of succulents he propogated for $1 each. I bought a bunch and have plans for these babies! I got all of the below succulents for only $12! That was a nice day, and a nice feeling.

What were you up to this weekend?



2 thoughts on “Weekend Updates: Windows and Succulents

  1. Great photo of Brentan! Glad to see he has all his hair. We need frames around our some of our windows in Fla. Please, come on down. Spent the weekend in NOLA at Mia’s grad from Tulene. Such fun.

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