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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It’s 9am, Saturday morning and I have the whole weekend ahead of me. It feels wonderful! I’m feeling ambitious and thinking of tackling a few projects over the weekend. I went to Home Depot last night to pick up a few supplies already.

  • Install swinging arm lamps next to the bed from Home Depot (inspired by Jane from her pretty bedroom pictures)
  • Install new knobs for new old nightstands (Done last night! Pics to come later)
  • Make a ladybug house to attract them to eat all my garden aphids, like the one here
  • Find some cute little containers to plant all my succulents
  • Cook some kick-ass huevos rancheros and learn to make sushi rolls
  • Oh, and maybe finally finish a cafe curtain for the bathroom
What are your weekend projects?

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Thoughts

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  2. I was hoping to get a lot done in my yard over the weekend, but it rained, which is kind of unheard of this time of year…so I guess I’ll be working on it next weekend. Did you find containers for your succulents?

  3. I love my swing-arm lamps! And I definitely have to check out that ladybug house. Oh, and Jenn at Peas and Crayons has a good sushi tutorial on her blog, if you need it.

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