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Light up my life!: How to Install a Skylight

Sorry for the cheesy title.

We did something amazing last weekend. And by ‘we’ I mean Brentan did the work and I signed off on all the decisions.

We cut a hole in the roof.

And then installed a skylight. In the kitchen. It’s amazing. It’s life-changing. I want to spend time in my kitchen now. It’s a huge transformation and cost about $150. We should have done it two years ago when we moved in. I loooove it. The kitchen is bright and I’m happier in it. (ha! My husband made a change to our house that makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen!)

1. First, cut a hole. Make sure you don’t get sawdust all over your dishes and appliances.

2. This is what a cross section of my roof looks like! The wood screwed to the top of it made sure it didn’t fall down and crash in the inside of our house. That would be bad. 

3. Then you can make some breakfast with your little brother who happens to be visiting.

4. Then you install the skylight. Make sure it is sealed well so when the rain starts in the fall you don’t have water gushing into your house. We still have to double check this.

5. You might need some tools.

PS. Just as I suspected, we had a tie on the poll from last weekend. The Decorated Shed and the Spaulding house have equal pull for Just About Home readers!



4 thoughts on “Light up my life!: How to Install a Skylight

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  2. We are so impressed that u & Brentan did this. In Florida they charge a fortune. We have 2 in Westport, 1 in the kitchen & 1 in the bedroom (which is especially fantastic on a starry nite. Enjoy!

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