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Meet My New Friend the Upholstered Chair

Meet my new friend, the adopted chair. Doesn’t he have really nice, mid-Century lines? Our neighbor was going to throw him out!

Luckily, Brentan and I walked by and asked to have him.

Are you wondering what those gray things are on the seat? Well, Mr. Chair didn’t have a seat cushion, so between walking home to pick up the car and driving back over to the neighbor’s house, the neighbor made a seat cushion out of medical device packaging foam. Isn’t that sweet!

I have great plans, which include a real seat and cushion, and learning to really upholster with welting and everything. I watched a few videos online, and it is going to be tough, especially since my sewing skills are really basic.  I stumbled across this one, which shows the founders of Spruce Home in Austin reupholstering and making chairs really beautiful, emphasizing the craft and history of upholstery.

I haven’t decided on a fabric yet, or even a style. Crazy pattern (like the chair in the video?) Nice neutral? Interesting texture?

Spruce Home Chair

Do you have any suggestions for my new chair friend? Can you offer me any help on really reupholstering (I’m specifically talking to you Mom, and Sarah!)?



6 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend the Upholstered Chair

  1. Liz, Your chair is gorgeous! We have a similar chair that we got for $10 that needs a lot of love. Can I ask how much fabric you needed?

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  4. 1. check out fabric at it’s cheap, and most of what they sell is upholstery/drapery fabric (what you’ll need).

    2. upholstery is actually pretty easy, just very time consuming. taking the current upholstery off in such a way that you can use it for a template is key — and the hardest part. (often, no sewing is actually required!! though it looks like yours will need some)

    3. the order you take the current upholstery off lays out your instructions for putting it back on — so take notes!

  5. Oh, honey, you are diving into something big. I know that you will do a fine job. It is not rocket science, although I have no doubt that you could figure out how to build a rocket if you had the need for a rocket! I vote for a plain textured, lineny fabric. Something not too thick to sew through and something that you do not have to match patterns. Your chair has simple lines so it should be a fairly easy project. I can help if you get stuck. Nice score!

    PS. I want to see photos of the finished skylight!

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