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Wine Tasting Notes: Chateau St Jean 2009 Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay

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A big part of my home and my free time is socializing over wine and cocktails. A few other home blogs and websites have wine or cocktail features, and in order to keep track of my favorites (and duds) I’m going to start a new series on the blog called “Wine Tasting Notes” which include my comments on my various wine adventures!

My first wine to review is a good one: Chateau St Jean 2009 Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay.

Brentan and I were in Sonoma a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday, and Chateau St Jean was on the list of wineries we were planning on visiting. I was excited since I have enjoyed their wine before, especially their chardonnay (available everywhere around here it seems!). First, the winery was beautiful, like an Americanized version of a French chateau (no big surprise) with a huge lawn and some intimate courtyard gardens. In fact, we happened to be there with a Frenchman, and he said it was very Americanized. The tasting room was nice, but not nearly as beautiful as the grounds. We tasted a few wines and I bought the bottle of Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay to take home. It was cold cold and refreshing during the hot Sonoma day. I often buy a bottle when we go tasting, and this was one of the standout wines from the tasting room. I’m blanking on how much it cost exactly, but it was between $28 and $35.

Unfortunately, Cold Creek Ranch Chardonnay is only available at the winery, so hopefully you’ll be in Sonoma soon! It’s worth a trip. However, it is similar to (but much nicer than) the ubiquitous Chateau St Jean generic Chardonnay.

So, I opened up this bottle one night to enjoy on the patio. This is a summery wine that I enjoyed without food, and the best word I have to describe it is golden. The color is bright and sparkly, the aroma is deep and a bit sweet, and the texture is a bit viscous.  It was thick and slightly sweet just danced on my tongue. I could drink it all summer before and after dinner. It was not a dry a Chardonnay, and pretty oaky and fruity and just a tad creamy, and overall smooth smooth smooth trickling through my mouth.

Here are the bottle’s tasting notes: The Cold Creek Ranch is tucked away in the coveted Sonoma Coast appellation where maritime influences produce Chardonnay with forward fruit flavors and lively acidity. Eight months of aging in French oak add a creamy texture to the wine that compliments the concentrated pineapple, lemon, and coconut notes from the Chardonnay grapes. 


Price: Ahh I can’t remember! About $30.

Value: Worth buying a few bottles

Score 4.5 of 5

Goes well with: Your sweetheart, a nice view, and some summery weather


Have you tried this wine or another Chateau St Jean? What’s your favorite summer wine?



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