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Bedroom Decorating: The White Box Challenge

In honor of HGTV’s premier of Design Star tonight, I have a special new project of my own: the Guest Bedroom White Box Challenge.

White Box Challenge

I started yesterday by emptying out the guest room of everything except the white bed (yep, even that mirror left after I took the photo), so I could paint and redecorate. It may take me more than 2 days, and I will shop at stores other than the dollar store, but it’s my house and I set the challenge rules! My budget: $200.

It took 3 trips to Home Depot to get the right color and painting into the night, but I’m keeping it a secret so you can see a dramatic reveal when I’m done. It may be months, so I’ll try to give you a few sneak peeks as I go along.

But what do you think I’m going for? The original idea from last year of a modern, urban oasis:

A feminine vibe with florals and antiques, like the mood board here:

Or something else entirely?

Wait and see!



5 thoughts on “Bedroom Decorating: The White Box Challenge

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