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Wine Tasting Notes: Foxen 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

A Cold Glass of 2009 Foxen Sauvignon Blanc

This second installment of Wine Tasting Notes comes straight to you from Foxen Winery on the Foxen Wine Trail in Santa Barbara County. Brentan and I took some time on our drive down to LA for the 4th of July to stop in some of California’s best wine country! The day was hot, one of the hottest of the year, and temperatures probably hit 105 when we were tasting in Foxen’s shady shack.

I learned about this remote little wine trail from Sunset magazine, but as Brentan and I traveled along it, we saw some familiar faces:

The little barn on the side of the road, Foxen, was featured in the movie Sideways. As we passed more people, we saw a few people with Sideways wine tour maps and guides! I couldn’t believe people were taking notes from a movie! But the wine at Foxen was delicious. Every bottle we tasted (which was 6 or 7) was great. Smooth with a good finish. And the tour was progressive, from their little old barn, to a new (air conditioned) tasting room and storage facility half a mile away.

The best wine was the Sauvingnon Blanc made specifically for the shack (as indicated by the ‘7200’ on the bottle), probably since it was chilled and a nice reprieve on such a steamy day. It was also quite delicious on a warm Sunday evening like today, before and with dinner. Very citrus-y and crisp, it had a light, sweet, and slight oaky finish and a honey, floral aroma. In this acidic wine I tasted pears and lemons, for another perfect summer wine!

One other thing that I need to mention about Foxen- they’re eco friendly. I tasted a dry-farmed wine (made from grapes that aren’t irrigated (intense flavor!)) and their new facility is solar powered. Go green!


Price: $25 suggested retail on the Foxen website.


Value: Delicious for a nice evening or dinner


Score 4 of 5


Goes well with: A cold glass on a hot day, you’re eco-conscious best friend.



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