How To Make Festive Summer Planters



I made a run to the garden center this weekend to brighten up the patio a little bit for a summer BBQ get together. I picked up some bright dahlias and planted them in these super cheap, but pretty, planters I found at Ross (which just opened up a few blocks from my house!). I matched them with some succulents and purple Alyssum for a colorful impact. Note: I put shorter plants in front, with the taller dahlias in the back. It makes for a nice composition.

These flowers are annuals, so after they start looking spent and no longer flowering, I’ll switch them out for other seasonal flowers.

I learned to make pretty flower planters from my mom. See that pretty garden in the header, up there? Yeah, that’s just part of her massive garden. She’s a  certified Master Gardener.

So, to answer the title of this post, ‘How to Make Festive Summer Planters,’ you need to learn from the best. Or just find some colors and flowers you love (dahlias are one of my favorites, and just happen to be in season right now), and play around with them to make a nice composition. I placed the flowers in their pots in the larger pot to determine an arrangement first.  Have fun, because flowers are fun!





2 thoughts on “How To Make Festive Summer Planters

  1. Adorable combo of the Sedum nussbaumerianum with the Dahlias. Love those golden succulents. Added a couple to the garden, but think they look better in the blue pot. Matti

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