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More Cool Pots

I spotted these cheerful lime green planters in front of a store front in Santa Barbara last spring. I love the bold, bright color! They scream welcome, welcome welcome!

Look at this clever re-use of an old wooden crate. Succulents never looked so good!

Here is a flash back from the past… a terrarium. I use to make these as a teenager back in the 1970’s. Mine never looked so cool. I’m going to make some again. all you need is a largish glass jar or bowl, some potting soil, gravel or stones and small succulents. They need very little tending and can be neglected for weeks on end.

Thanks, Liz, you got me thinking about sprucing up my summer pots. Succulents are so easy so hardy and look so fresh.



4 thoughts on “More Cool Pots

    • I know!! I have some wooden planters that are grayed and tired looking and i am going to get some lime green paint to perk them up.I think they would look great with Christmas greens and red berry branches too .

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